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Best Doctors provides access to leading medical minds from Australia and around the world. So you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your medical care.

"We were told there were no treatment options available."

“It was a real relief for me to know that my doctor was on the right path.”

"Best Doctors makes you feel so confident."

“I was able to manage a very difficult time in my life.”

Best Doctors?

Your case is reviewed by a world-leading medical expert. One of more than 53,000 Best Doctors in over 450 medical specialties and subspecialties.


We Do?

You make a confidential call to Best Doctors and we match your case to one of our leading global specialists. Our expert makes a recommendation. You and your doctor make an informed decision.


We Help?

We’re on call for over 30 million members in 70 countries. Whether you’re questioning surgery, facing a life-threatening illness or addressing an ongoing condition, we help you get the information you need.


News & Webinars

Wired magazine’s Wired Science blog gets Best Doctors’ take on Watson and the future of “robodoctors” in the health care space.

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Best Doctors Earns Top Honors

Best Doctors has received Boston Business Journal’s Award for Best Place to Work in 2012.